Hagwon Teaching in Daegu

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I've spoken at length with Katy, the program coordinator in the US, about some things I would have liked to know before coming, so I won't discuss that here.
My trip here was long but the stress of it all was minimal: I learned, months before my flight, that I could rely on CIEE if I needed anything. I've thoroughly enjoyed my private school so far. I can't speak for those working in public schools, but my job hasn't been too easy—we work hard, as most people in Korea do. That being said, it's been extremely rewarding. Kindergarten and elementary teaching was never something I thought I wanted to do, but I was so, so wrong. They're a handful, sure, but these kids brighten my every day. I'm so, so happy to say that I really mean that. No BS.
I can also safely say that CIEE's Korea coordinators (Brad and Yumi) have been incredibly helpful throughout the process—from helping me find a school that was right for me, to assisting with any concerns I had once I arrived. Uprooting, especially to move to another country, is incredibly scary... but CIEE was there to help every step of the way. I can't recommend this provider enough.

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