IVHQ Thailand

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I chose to go on this trip in order to cleanse my soul. I’ve been on trips where the focus was on my own interest so I wanted to do something for others. In return for my service I was rewarded with an experience that you wouldn’t get from any travel agent, delicious food that you would never be able to find through an online review and new found friendships I will cherish.

Outdoor work can be hard at times, from working on a rice field to digging a fish farm for a village, but the hospitality and gratitude that are shown by the people you are doing the work for is priceless. They welcome you into their homes with such love and warmth. Sure there are some aspects where you are “roughing it a bit” but I believe this itself is also part of the charm of doing a volunteer program.

If you want to experience new adventures in life and step outside of your comfort zone, I highly recommend doing a volunteer program through IVHQ as you will have a long list of memories to fondly look back on. And to have fond memories, isn’t that the reason why we choose to travel in the first place?

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Yes, I would
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