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This was a fantastic tour and I highly recommend either doing this tour or another one with Tru Travels. We were all invited to a Facebook group before we left home so we could get to know each other, this was brilliant as when i arrived in Thailand I felt like I already knew the others in my group already.

The tour guides, Deleany, Arthur and Gogi were fantastic and I cannot give them enough praise- they were full of knowledge, took us to some amazing places and we’re absolute babes! Delaney was the party animal who you could never outlast on a night out (trust me, we tried!), Arthur was so funny and always put a smile on your face and Gogi was the kindest and friendliest person ever! If you get any of them as your tour guides then you’re the luckiest person and will have a fantastic time!

There was a mix of people travelling together and solo travellers so if you’re worried about travelling alone then do one of their tours. The accommodation was great, the activities were so much fun and we still had free time to relax and top up our tans. I arrived in Thailand alone as a solo traveller and left being a part of a family.

I cannot wait to book my next tour with you guys, thank you all for the fantastic memories!

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