16 Day Full Moon Island Hopper

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Not sure which trip to do? Why not do all three. This awesome itinerary combines an 8 Day Thailand Experience, Full Moon Experience and the Island Hopper making it the best value for money! Start in Bangkok and finish in Phuket as we take you south the islands whilst seeing all the famous hotspots and some less known favourites including one of the most iconic beach parties in the world, the Full Moon Party. From visiting temples to snorkelling boat trips, there are plenty of activities to enjoy on this trip. A great balance between culture, partying and island adventure.

  • Bangkok river cruise & temples
  • Khao Sok floating bungalows
  • Full Moon Party
  • Snorkeling in Koh Tao
  • Phi phi Islands boat trip

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  • Value 8.7
  • Fun 9.8
  • Staff 10
  • Safety 10
  • Organization 9.9
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Trip of a Lifetime!

After lots of contemplation wether or not I should do a tour traveling Thailand or not, I can honestly say that I don’t regret my decision at all after doing the Trutravels tour. This tour overall has been such an unforgettable and positive experience. This tour provided me with memories and friendships that will last a life time. I was also able to experience so much more than I would have traveling solo, wether it had been a different view point lookout, restaurant, bar, beach, too many to mention!! A HUGE factor in making this tour as amazing as it was, was because of the tour guides; Delaney, Aurthur, and Gogi. All of the guides worked so hard the whole tour to make this the most enjoyable experiences of our lives, they were always looking out for each of us to make sure we were having a great time. They were all incredibly organized and were all great resources if you had any questions about during or after the tour. Delaney was an incredible tour guide, she was very organized and was always amazing to go to for questions or travelling advice. She really looked out for all of us to check in and make sure we were enjoying ourselves. She was the life of the party and always made every night out or day trip so much fun. She really was able to bring everyone close and together like a family. If Delaney was my tour guide again I wouldn’t hesitate to book another Trutravels tour. Aurthur was such a great tour guide! He was always so fun and upbeat and I don’t believe I ever saw him without a smile on his face! It was evedent throughout the tour that he really loved the work he was doing for Trutravels. Aurthur was able to help us all embrace the Thailand culture and had lots of information to share. Gogi was another amazing guide on this tour. I can’t say enough about Gogi. He took over the rest of the tour by himself with those of us who continued on for the 23 days after the first half of the tour had completed. He was very well organized! Gogi went above and beyond to make sure that everyone was enjoying them selves and happy with the itenerary each day. He really put all of us first and was so accommodating. Gogi also helped us embrace the Thailand culture and I took a lot from what he had to share with the group. If any of us had any questions Gogi was a great resource! Overall Gogi had such a wonderful personality and he made each day one to remember. Although Abby, who works for Trutravels, was not specifically our tour guide on this tour, I have to mention how wonderful she was!! Abby has such a fun, upbeat, and sweet personality. From day one I knew that she was someone I could go to with anything whether it be any questions or when I was in need of suggestions. She also made sure that everyone was having a great time and made everyone feel very involved. Abby was able to sit down with me and help me piece together my next trip in Bali for after the tour. It meant the world that she took time to give me the best locations to stay at down to what restaurants/bars are the best to go to for specific nights of the week. I am now on my Bali trip and so far Abby’s recomendations are spot on! Throughout this tour I always felt very safe! The guides were always made aware of where everyone was for the most part and made it easy for everyone to get from point a to point b. All of our destinations were amazing and so beautiful! I am so thankful for this experience. Thank you Trutravels, you can count on me for a recommendation.

Yes, I recommend this program
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23 Day Full Moon Island Hopper Review

The past 23 days on this tour has been the most amazing days of my life. My expectations that I had coming on to this tour we’re surpassed. Even before leaving for the tour we were provided with all plus more of the information we needed to know for the tour even down to exact directions on getting out of the airport to your pick up. This tour provided me with the safety and security that I wouldnt have felt if I had chosen to not do a tour. Another big factor of why I loved a tour so much is when everything is planned for you it saves you so much more time to do other activities because we wouldn’t spend time booking places to stay, taxis, or figuring out where to eat, everything is done for you. Our accommodations in most places were quite nice and we’re way better than I expected them to be. What made this tour so special was being able to experience it with a whole group of people who are in the same position as you, by the end of this tour I had a family from different places all across the world. But the number one thing that made this tour so amazing were our tour guides, we had Arthur, Delaney and Gogi who were all went above and beyond to make sure we had the most amazing trip. Always so full of energy and trying to make everyone laugh the entire trip. You could go to any of them with any concerns at any time and they would help you to their best extent. I could not have asked for better guides. A big shoutout to Gogi for being alone on the last 10 days of the tour with 8 girls and going so above and beyond to do anything we needed. I could not have asked for a more amazing trip and am so thankful that I could do it with this group. Thank you!

How can this program be improved?
Needed more things to do in Koh Phangan when staying there for 5 nights.
Yes, I recommend this program

23day Thailand Full Moon Island Hopper

I had an amazing 23 days travelling in Thailand visiting lots of different places that I would never have thought of or seen if I wasn’t part of a tour. We experienced different types of accommodation from hostel life to hotels to beach bungalows. The tour guides (Delaney, Arthur and Gogi) made sure that we were all included, safe and having fun with everything, they were awesome guides and would highly recommend any tours with them. Delaney and Arthur led the first half of the tour and they were brilliant.. very organised with timings, letting us know what to bring, where to be the next day. Delaney I felt was the main tour guide in this group with lots of experience, knowledge, down to earth and very fun.. it was like she was one of our friends whilst also working. I could talk to her about anything and everything. She is the loveliest girl I have ever met. Arthur is one of the cutest guys I have ever met, lots of fun and an absolute sweetheart. I didn’t get to know Gogi very well until he took over on our last half of the tour, but I am glad I have got to know him now.. he is the kindest most genuine man ever, will do anything for you and knows all the best spots. He did a great job leading us on his own, especially being the only male in the group. We got to experience lots of activities from thai massages to snorkelling, quad biking and lots of partying and drinking. Abby also joined our tour for part of it and even though she wasn’t our guide, she still helped out, told us good places to go, helped us organise things, took us to places on our free days. She was an absolute gem.

How can this program be improved?
One of the things I would say to improve on is people receiving different itineraries.. some peoples said they got most meals included, others only a few. Some also said different activities on them. We had to pay for quite a few taxis even though it was for things included.. But overall I had the most amazing time, I travelled by myself and have left with lots of friends and memories!!
Yes, I recommend this program


I don’t even know where to begin as I am still emotional that this amazing trip has came to an end.
Never did I think I would of had such an incredible experience with even more incredible people.

From day one of booking this tour our tour guides wanted us to be comfortable with one other and make friendships before meeting anyone so we all joint a group chat!! This was perfect to find out where everyone was from and for people solo traveling.

As soon as we landed in Bangkok we met with Arthur and Delaney! Straight away we all connected and we’re one big happy family, from getting taught how to key a beer to learning Thai! I can’t be anymore thankful for these two for honestly making myself and everyone feel so at ease and safe throughout the trip! They made sure everyone was okay and that everyone was happy!

Abby tagged along to our trip and even tho she wasn’t our tour guide she was a member of tru travels and made my trip even more amazing than it was!

After the 13 days was over and we had to say goodbye as the 8 of us continued with the rest of our 10 days, leaving them three was the hardest part!
What made the goodbyes easier we said hello to our new tour guide gogi!
Honestly I can’t put down in words how amazing he was! He made sure our experience was the best that Thailand could give us! From carrying our big bags when we were hungover (sorry gogi) to waking up at 5am cause we wanted to see sunset, nothing was a problem for him!

Leaving this tour is a bitter sweet moment, as saying goodbye to the best people I’ve ever met but gaining amazing friendship I’ll never forget!
Arthur, Delaney, Abby and gogi I can’t thank you guys enough!!
See yous in Ireland!!!❤️❤️

How can this program be improved?
Some stuff wasn’t included. Like transport having to pay for some stuff. Too long at koh Pha-ngan as there wasn’t much to do.
Yes, I recommend this program

23 Day full moon experience

This trip has honestly been the best experience of my life.

We had the best tour guides ever! Delaney gogi and arthur. Although we were sad to see Delaney and Arthur leave us for the first half of the trip, Gogi was unreal!!! (sexy pose). Arthur is a honeyyy and Delaney will always be the captain of the ship. Abby also played a massive part in the trip too ma wee donkey!

I thought coming to Thailand was going to be mental because let’s be serious it’s crazy here. But these 4 made my experience safe and secure. Everything was organised so well and the tour guides advised us in the right direction.
Our wee group developed such a bond and I’m leaving with friends for life.
We experienced everything in Thailand. From hostel life to floating bungalows to beach huts and hotels. I would never had experienced if I had of travelled solo and I thank tru travels for adding another chapter to my life.

The only thing I won’t miss about Thailand is the roosters 🐓

How can this program be improved?
Everyone had different itineraries which was quite confusing
Yes, I recommend this program
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Memories I’ll never forget

This was a fantastic tour and I highly recommend either doing this tour or another one with Tru Travels. We were all invited to a Facebook group before we left home so we could get to know each other, this was brilliant as when i arrived in Thailand I felt like I already knew the others in my group already.

The tour guides, Deleany, Arthur and Gogi were fantastic and I cannot give them enough praise- they were full of knowledge, took us to some amazing places and we’re absolute babes! Delaney was the party animal who you could never outlast on a night out (trust me, we tried!), Arthur was so funny and always put a smile on your face and Gogi was the kindest and friendliest person ever! If you get any of them as your tour guides then you’re the luckiest person and will have a fantastic time!

There was a mix of people travelling together and solo travellers so if you’re worried about travelling alone then do one of their tours. The accommodation was great, the activities were so much fun and we still had free time to relax and top up our tans. I arrived in Thailand alone as a solo traveller and left being a part of a family.

I cannot wait to book my next tour with you guys, thank you all for the fantastic memories!

Yes, I recommend this program

Tru travels

I have had the best experience of my life with tru travels they are such a trustworthy company.
I’ve met some incredible people who have played a bit part of my life. I have left with some fantastic friends including the amazing tour guides ,Delaney Arthur and Gogi. The places we stayed were nice and there was a mix of hostels and hotels which was nice to have. I felt safe everywhere I went and knew If i had any problems the tour guides would deal with it straight away.
I will never forget this experience and I thank tru travels for an amazing trip. The tour guides were amazing. Delaney Arthur and Gogi deserve a lot of regonition and appreciation for everything they do. I’m so happy I picked tru travels and I will be booking with them again for another trip.

How can this program be improved?
The only improvements I would suggest is that a few things on the itinerary werent included.
Yes, I recommend this program
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23 day Thailand full moon island hopper Tour

I have recently finished a 23 day Thailand full moon island hopper tour with trutravels and just had the most incredible time! Our tour guides Arthur/Max/Alicia were absolutely amazing, they felt as though they were just another member of our group but had everything planned and sorted ahead of time for us making the trip so easy and enjoyable. The activities included in this tour were incredible and if there was anything ever that wasn't included that you wanted to do the tour guides were amazing at giving you all the information needed and sorting it all out for you. I would highly recommend trutravels tours to anyone looking to explore S.E Asia, it was one of the best decisions I made, I met so many lovely people and seen so many beautiful places and now have so many amazing memories that will be with me always.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Loved every minute

Met some amazing people who were all so lovely. No one was better than the two tour guides max and sunny who were so caring and so lovely the whole time. Constantly making us all laugh. I was fortunate enough to be in a small group of only ten which was perfect for me. Got to do some things I would never have thought of doing had I not signed up for the tour. Loved all the activities that we did. Was comforting to have the safe place at the full moon party. Enjoyed the atmosphere at echo beach and the games available. I would 100% recommend this 13 day tour with trutravels to everyone and would book another tour with trutravels. A massive thank you to Max and Sunny! I would want to have them again as my tour leaders.

How can this program be improved?
I would have liked to spend more time at bottle beach as we did not even have a full day there and it was amazing. Would have also preferred to be at echo beach for shorter as the rooms were cramped and the beach was not very nice. Maybe more time at lime and soda too?
Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible tour!

So happy we booked this tour. We got to make some incredible friends, including both our tour guides, while doing some amazing activities. Everything we did was made more fun by our tour guides who genuinely went above and beyond to accommodate every additional activity/party we wanted to do. We didn't spend a single day bored and were able to chill when we wanted. This is such a flexible tour that you are able to tailor to you and make it as busy or chill as you want. Everything we did we were given additional history and made to feel completely safe. Truly the best holiday I've ever had and will be booking another TruTravels tour next year and convince more friends to come with me. I just hope I get a tour guide as good as Max because he is the soul reason this tour will be so memorable for everyone on it.

How can this program be improved?
Spend more nights at Bottle Beach or Lime n Soda as Echo Beach accommodation isn't great.
Yes, I recommend this program

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