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I don’t even know where to begin as I am still emotional that this amazing trip has came to an end.
Never did I think I would of had such an incredible experience with even more incredible people.

From day one of booking this tour our tour guides wanted us to be comfortable with one other and make friendships before meeting anyone so we all joint a group chat!! This was perfect to find out where everyone was from and for people solo traveling.

As soon as we landed in Bangkok we met with Arthur and Delaney! Straight away we all connected and we’re one big happy family, from getting taught how to key a beer to learning Thai! I can’t be anymore thankful for these two for honestly making myself and everyone feel so at ease and safe throughout the trip! They made sure everyone was okay and that everyone was happy!

Abby tagged along to our trip and even tho she wasn’t our tour guide she was a member of tru travels and made my trip even more amazing than it was!

After the 13 days was over and we had to say goodbye as the 8 of us continued with the rest of our 10 days, leaving them three was the hardest part!
What made the goodbyes easier we said hello to our new tour guide gogi!
Honestly I can’t put down in words how amazing he was! He made sure our experience was the best that Thailand could give us! From carrying our big bags when we were hungover (sorry gogi) to waking up at 5am cause we wanted to see sunset, nothing was a problem for him!

Leaving this tour is a bitter sweet moment, as saying goodbye to the best people I’ve ever met but gaining amazing friendship I’ll never forget!
Arthur, Delaney, Abby and gogi I can’t thank you guys enough!!
See yous in Ireland!!!❤️❤️

What would you improve about this program?
Some stuff wasn’t included. Like transport having to pay for some stuff. Too long at koh Pha-ngan as there wasn’t much to do.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed