Positive Leadership - take the course!

Value: 8
Fun: 8
Staff: 9
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

This should be a require course for every human on the planet. 1) Its in Costa Rica on the beautiful campus of UPEACE... everyone needs to know about UPEACE! 2) The staff are super helpful, supportive, engaging, knowledgeable, and positive! 3) The course is dynamic, experiential, interactive, and full of useful tools that you can bring back home and implement into your work or personal life and 4) You get to interface with peers from around the world... my classmates were from the Dominican Republic, Holland, Argentina, Costa Rica, the USA and Australia! I highly recommend this course!
Useful tip: if you are coming to Costa Rica from out of the country, schedule some more time outside of the course. Chat with peers in your course from Costa Rica and ask them what you should do.... or see if they would be willing to take you places. Connect to the local culture, go on an adventure, learn about ngo's doing positive work for youth the environment. Practice your Spanish at a language school and begin implementing the tools you learned right away!

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