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The cost includes instruction, materials, lunches and coffee breaks throughout the program. Enroll with a colleague/ friend and each will receive a 15% discount. Contact us for groups of 3 or more.
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Jan 13, 2021
Dec 06, 2018
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This professional development workshop is unmatched! Get away from your day-to-day and come join us onsite at the beautiful UPEACE campus in Costa Rica to connect with inspiring people, get invigorated, and learn about yourself as a leader.

This 2-day seminar focuses on a human paradigm of leadership, allowing you to achieve a renewed sense of purpose, develop your leadership style and get results by engaging and motivating the people you work with, appealing to their strengths and passions. The vision of the leader today is that of the “positive” leader who is able to unleash the potential of each individual in the organization.

Share this experience with like-minded changemakers who have either travelled from abroad or live locally, and come from a varying array of professional backgrounds.

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Program Highlights

  • Gain a refreshing new sense of appreciation, empathy and positivity.
  • Practice leadership tools such as appreciative inquiry and the use of dialogue circles.
  • A renewed awarness of your purpose and desire to change, grow, or re-establish passion for your career
  • Experience connection, co-creation, learning and global networking with an international team of facilitators and fellow-participants.
  • A certificate of completion from the United Nations established University for Peace

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Yes, I recommend this program

Positive Leadership - take the course!

This should be a require course for every human on the planet. 1) Its in Costa Rica on the beautiful campus of UPEACE... everyone needs to know about UPEACE! 2) The staff are super helpful, supportive, engaging, knowledgeable, and positive! 3) The course is dynamic, experiential, interactive, and full of useful tools that you can bring back home and implement into your work or personal life and 4) You get to interface with peers from around the world... my classmates were from the Dominican Republic, Holland, Argentina, Costa Rica, the USA and Australia! I highly recommend this course!
Useful tip: if you are coming to Costa Rica from out of the country, schedule some more time outside of the course. Chat with peers in your course from Costa Rica and ask them what you should do.... or see if they would be willing to take you places. Connect to the local culture, go on an adventure, learn about ngo's doing positive work for youth the environment. Practice your Spanish at a language school and begin implementing the tools you learned right away!

What would you improve about this program?
I think that the material was so rich and useful that having a 4th day to dig deeper would have been nice.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A tool to consciously keep up developing your profesional and personal skills.

I work on the hospitality industry. Aside, I'm flirting with a Social Business. Originally I reached out to the Centre, looking for new tools and tips that could helped me with a Project that I’ve been chewing on for some time. Through this workshop, not only I got what I was looking for, but I also got pointed out in the right direction and the whole experience opened my eyes-to possibilities that I even considered before.

Beyond its instructive and entertaining design, the way Mohit, Julia, Miguel and Hannah put this workshop together makes it substantially meaningful and relevant to adults of all-age groups who believe that leveraging connections and seeking new perspectives, help the purpose each of us serves.

Wether new or already familiar to concepts related to innovation; empathetic leadership; personal strengths; design thinking ; well being and to different problem-solving approaches, this experience may become one of the greatest ‘multi-tools’ you can get out there.

The Centre for Executive Education facilities are located within the beautiful campus of the UPeace, surrounded by forest and local private farms and a few minutes away from to the small and yet active town of Ciudad Colon. Perfect location for a morning jog or a walk in the evening with time to socialise or just reflect and recharge after class.

From boosting your skill set to create new ways to lead your pack or to improve your personal life towards whatever resonates to you, in any given context, this workshop is for you.

75 people found this review helpful.
Yes, I recommend this program

Positive Leadership-

I attended the Positive Leadership workshop during my first few months of becoming a manager in an academic institution. Working and learning alongside a group of professionals from diverse fields, backgrounds, and skill sets was incredibly valuable to me. The workshop was designed in such a way that our group was able to truly bond in a very short period of time. The group dynamic and the pacing of the workshop allowed us to delve into our own leadership styles, recognize the paradoxes of leadership, and work through specific scenarios that were relevant to each of our professional circumstances. I have shared so much of what I learned with my team at work, including the strengths-finder exercise that we used in the workshop. The main impact the workshop has had on my life post-program is a more intentional approach to leadership and a deeper compassion for myself as a leader. Gathering with such a diverse group of professionals/individuals helped me to see some of the universal challenges in leadership, and in turn taught me to think outside of the box for solutions.

What would you improve about this program?
I can't think of much constructive feedback for the program itself. I have not been as consistent with applying what I learned in the workshop to my day-to-day professional life. There are several points in the workshop that we discuss and plan for application of skills/knowledge we learned, so I'm not sure what to recommend for improvement in this area. I think it is more in the hands of the participant than the program.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic opportunity

The positive leadership course offers participants invaluable tools for personal and professional development. It provides a space to inwardly reflect on strengths, conflict resolution and approaches to leadership. In addition to facilitating introspection, it allows participants to connect with their peers and look ahead to how we can shift the way we work to become more empathetic, intentional and effective.

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Yes, I recommend this program

renew, recharge and refocus on becoming a better version of yourself

I attended the positive leadership workshop in 2017 after I'd started in a new job that had a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity. A colleague suggested the workshop and I thought it might be a good opportunity to get a refresher on some leadership skills. It turned out to be much more than that.

From registration, throughout the workshop itself, to post-workshop follow-up, the team at UPeace Centre for Executive Education were friendly, helpful, professional and clearly passionate about what they do. In every interaction, they modeled the concepts of positive leadership and created an excellent workshop experience.

They've prepared a dynamic course with the right combination of fun, interactive activities, evidence-based content delivery that doesn't feel like a lecture, and they ask each participant to focus on something specific in his/her life, personal or professional, to apply the tools learned during the workshop. All participants work together to develop ideas about how to implement the positive leadership skills in these real-life contexts. Overall, I found it a great, engaging way to spend a few days with other professionals from a variety of professions and nationalities. I made friendships that I maintain a year later. My work life continues to benefit from the experience as well.

Don't hesitate, check it out. And as a bonus, Ciudad Colon in Costa Rica is a lovely tropical paradise, and you won't regret visiting.

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Yes, I recommend this program


The positive leadership course isn’t just for bosses, managers or directors, it’s for everyone ready to recognize their potential to influence and make a positive impact with their life and work. With an appropriate mix of lecture, group activities, reflections, and readings, the facilitators and presenters are insightful and also excellent at reading the group and adapting to what most contributes to their growth. It’s a fantastic space to consider your ‘Why’ but also think about the more practical ‘How’. The campus is a place of serenity and the team at UPEACE wonderful. A great experience to network and grow.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Exceptional Course. Talented trainers, excellent cohort

The Positive Leadership course at Peace was brilliant. It gives rising leaders the tools needed to make positive changes in the organisations that they work with, in turn helping to change the world! Make no doubt this course is challenging personally and professionally and very intense for the time period involved. But what comes out of it is an amazing experience providing students with the skills and confidence necessary to return to their projects and workplaces to implement change. The cohort was very educated and committed and the delivery of the course dynamic, engaging and really professional. I left feeing energised, alive and ready to become the best leader I can be!

73 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Inspiring and life changing experience!

I came to Positive Leadership while going through a transition time, and it was exactly what I needed to take a next step in my life, inspired and refreshed to see new opportunities where there were problems before.
This wonderful 3-days experience - surrounded by nature, an environment full of peace and an amazing group of professionals, facing similar challenges from different backgrounds and cross cultural perspectives - not only equipped me with a new set of innovative tools to lead positive change, but also with a network of friends with similar interests.
I totally recommend Positive Leadership to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and expand horizons to new opportunities...

85 people found this review helpful.

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