Psychology Internship, Cape Town

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My first time abroad on my own outside of Europe was certainly something I was looking forward to but also something I was apprehensive about. But having frequent communication and lots of pre-departure information made me less uneasy about my trip. South Africa as a place is absolutely amazing - beautiful scenery, plenty of activities to get involved in, delicious food and great culture and history to immerse yourself in. My favourite aspect of my trip however, was interacting with the people. I have never met people so friendly and willing to help!

Throughout my psychology internship I was based in a school in Cape Town. My only criticism was that I applied for a psychology internship, was told I would be interacting lots with the school counsellor. However when I got there I mainly shadowed classes and helped out with sports. I did not gain the exposure and insight into aspects of psychology that I was led to believe I would gain. Nevertheless, I had such an enriching experience and learned about not only myself and my capabilities but also the South African culture. The overall experience was worthwhile and I would recommend it. My only advice would be to pursue the internship you want independently and make sure you get all information regarding it prior to departure.

Other than that, the experience was amazing and I have taken so much from it. The support I received was good and I believe that the internship has equipped me with necessary transferable skills such as communication and teamwork, alongside the confidence to put myself forward to pursue future opportunities.

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Provider Response

Hi Suzanne, thanks for taking the time to share your review with us. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy the beauty of South Africa, along with the company of friendly people. It was our pleasure to host your internship and provide the support throughout. We wish you all the best as you pursue your future goals. Thanks, again, from the Intern Abroad HQ Team.