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Having just returned from Madagascar for 3 weeks with the Projects Abroad Team, I could recommend anyone wanting to do a project with them. You will be supported through the entire process.

When you register for the program and even before hand should you have any questions about registration or fees.

Upon registering, depending on how far away your program is, you will be briefed about what is expected and how the placement will go. This is normally done about 6 weeks before after final payment has been completed.

If you need assistance with fund raising PA will be able to assist with great ideas.

Upon arrival you will be meet at the airport and you will be guided about money exchange or any other questions that you might have. In Madagascar you will be given a few snacks for the long journey to Andasibe as well as a bottle of water as you no doubt will be parched from the flight.

The staff will be welcoming and you will feel right at home in no time at all. A Welcome lunch and then straight to work..... You will have no time for the "Mora Mora" (slow and steady pace) that you will have .

This program is very supportive, if you are interested in travel and the staff will help you with arrangements to various other locations in Madagascar. I highly recommend using this service.

Zu the chef at the hotel is a wonderful chef we all enjoyed the cultural cooking evening when we made Casava Tempura... YUM...

The town is charming and you will feel right at home...within a week you will recognize the kind inhabitants and they will greet you with open arms at every turn, and will help you when and if you require assistance.

Take a chance, volunteer, make a change within yourself, and assist many others in need. You will be forever changed...

What would you improve about this program?
I have done many volunteer programs and I would rate this particular program among the top 3 that I have completed. The staff was wonderful and the group was particularly kind and supportive. We all did almost everything together and we all gelled and bonded very well.
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Yes, I would
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