First Time in Japan

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I have always wanted to travel to Japan and experience the culture and beauty of the country. When I heard about this program I was instantly intrigued because I realized going with WCI program was the ultimate way of experiencing Japan. If I ever were to travel to japan i would probably just see Tokyo and other typical tourist things. But with WCI I got to meet Japanese people and experience their culture.

Going to Japan with WCI was one of the best things I have ever done. I have never done this kind of culture trip before and it felt good to travel with my friend Sofia(we study the same program at our university). But I believe that you don't have to be afraid to travel alone because everyone are super friendly, caring and super nice. My three host families were so amazing and generous. They became my family during the time I was in the three different cities. Even though I didn't know any Japanese the communication worked perfectly and we had so much fun. The most imporatant thing is that you are nice to your host families and talk with them and you will have an amazing time.

I was with session 1 and we were a small group but such an amazing and fun group with wonderful people. What I loved most was the fact that everyone in the group wanted to be there and experience Japan together. Everyone had something that they loved about Japan or wanted to experience which made the group just amazing to hang around with. I made so many new friends and we did fun things together and talked about our lives. It was just a perfect and incredible journey we did together.

The activities we did together was fun and interesting. We went to schools and interacted with children. We experience japanese culture when we tried on Shorinji kempo, Kyudo and other amazing things. This is was i loved most about the program, all of these things we did was thanks to WCI and I would have never been able to do these things on my own. Therefore, if you want to experience the most of Japan, then I promise you that the WCI program is the best for that. Also, at the end of every stay with the host families we have the Arigatou Event. It is the most fun and awesome night where we thank our host families and dance, show our culture, sing, party, have fun etc. Don't be afraid to have super fun and go all in. :D

In conclusion, I had the most wonderful and amzing adventure of my life in Japan, thanks to WCI. I met new people from all corners of the world and we experienced Japan together. If you wanna have a time of your life, then join WCI program. Also, it does not hurt if you love Japanese food(which I do). You will be in food heaven.

What would you improve about this program?
With a little more extra time for social life with the other people who are with the program. We were all together as a group often but it would have been nice to have more time together. In addition, some of the mornings were very early so it would have been nice to have an extra hour to sleep some days.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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