TEFL 150 hour course

Instruction: 9
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 5
Job Assistance: 9

I was enrolled and completed the Teachaway TEFL 150-hour certificate. I found that it covered a good and wide range of topics and lessons that one could use when teaching English. The topic I struggle with most was the English grammar portion. There was a lot of English rules and word types that I just took in as how to use without really know the facts and logic behind it. There were several that even now I get stuck with. During the course the tests would tell you which lesson to review so you could help yourself succeed. I took my own personal notes throughout the course and took pictures of slides and diagrams I wanted to remember which help my own testing and reviews. I found this course easy to narvigate and the marking was done efficiently.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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