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There are not words to describe the impact that this program has had on my life. YFI is a truly unique program in that it is an immersive partnership between two communities--the YFI team and the Ghanaian team. I have participated in the YFI Ghana program 3 times (2010, 2011, and 2014). I can confidently say that YFI changed the course of my life. As a result of the programs I participated in, I developed a worldly vision that ultimately led me to change my career path to education. There is something really special about staying with a host family in a Ghanaian village. The villagers take time to share their lives and culture with YFI program participants. I learned some words in a few of the many languages spoken in the region from local teenagers and kids. I learned how to cook different types of Ghanaian food from my host family. I learned about many local traditions and customs that opened my eyes to different ways of living. There is a strong community feel, as the villagers gather together for community forums and celebrations. If you are lucky enough to participate in this program, expect to return to your home country as a changed person! It is an incredible experience that will teach you a lot about the world and others around you.

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