My Humanita Exeperience

Academics: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Housing: 7
Safety: 9

I am a second year student of Humanitas University of Milan, Italy and for several aspects, I think this is a great medicine programme.
The relationships I have developed with staff and students from all part of the world, facilities and environment are wonderful.
The classes are held at the new Campus (it was built on 2017) and in the advanced Simulation Centre.
I have also had the opportunity to follow the lessons of very well prepared teachers and tutors. All of them are experts in their respective fields; they are practicing clinicians or world class researchers and very often both. Their English level is good, and it has never been an issue in teaching.
The teaching methods n general are based on a peer-to-peer approach and we study a lot on real clinical cases.
Next year (at the 3th one), I’ll also start my clerkship inside Humanitas Hospital, one of the most important Italian general hospital which is located 5 min from the university.
In general, Milan is a great city to live in, but finding housing is quite difficult. To solve this problem, this year the university open its own student house inside the Campus, few steps from the university. I’m not living there but I heard the accommodations are comfortable and the atmosphere is very nice.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would