Husky ranch dogsledding volunteering in Canada

Impact: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I joined the husky ranch program of Fronteering earlier this year. I arrived early March which was towards the end of the winter season of course but it still got a good 6 weeks of dogsledding in which was great.

I stayed a total of 10 weeks so the last 4 weeks we started working more towards preparing the ranch for summer. Seeing the place come to life during spring was also great. Summer I hear is also good time to go but if you want to have snow and do dogsledding in the snow then you need to go between Mid November and Mid April. Sure you can maybe dogsled before or after those dates depending on which ranch you will be placed at but to be assured I would recommend those dates.

Also it is good to know that not all ranches have the typical Siberian huskies. The ranch I went to had Alaskan huskies which is a mixed breed bred to be the perfect sled dog.

Dogsledding itself is so awesome, it is much faster then you think but also quite a work out!

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