Study Abroad Barcelona

Academics: 7
Support: 5
Fun: 7
Housing: 3
Safety: 9

Overall my experience with CEA was great and I am so grateful for this experience. As I explored the beautiful city of Barcelona I always felt safe and aware of what is happening day by day in the city thanks to CEA. I think CEA did a great job at welcoming us during orientation, as well as making us know how to stay safe during our time abroad. I also think the teachers at CEA were very helpful as well ensuring your time abroad is a memorable one! The only thing I would recommend to CEA is their absence policy, because I feel that 2 absence is not enough especially while overseas. I would also recommend to take a class at UAB or UVic that is offered through CEA because the attendance is more lenient and you get the opportunity to meet a lot of locals and students from all around the world. In all my experience in Barcelona was amazing and would recommend studying abroad here!

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