Santander is amazing!

Academics: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 9

Where do I start?

Overall I would rate my experience as 10/10. I had an awesome time in Santander. The city is amazing. 

I was a little nervous to leave the States and study abroad but from the moment I arrived at Madrid airport and was picked up by Andy, I felt so relaxed. He’s so friendly and never stops laughing.

While I was studying in Santander, I chose to stay with Andy & Denise, which I loved. It was great coming home every day and chatting about the day. They are such a friendly couple. I also had a housemate for the semester, John, who was great company.

I learnt a lot about Spanish culture during my stay. Especially the strange eating times and the art of cutting a jamon!

Everyone was always available to help me with anything I needed. From helping me through the application process and making sure I had collected all of the necessary documents or to simply give me recommendations for places to visit during my stay.

Santander was a great place to study abroad. If you are interested in traveling to other European cities on the weekends, Santander is a perfect base to start from. Rome and Dublin were my favorites.

I highly recommend this program to anyone else thinking else thinking of studying abroad.

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