China: Truly A Unique Experience To All

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As I waived goodbye to my mother for the sixth time through security, I found myself wondering if I made the right choice to study abroad in Shanghai, China the fall semester of my Senior year. Reflecting back on my last semester and the cities I explored with friends that I will never forget, I know China was the best place for me to grow and mature.

Throughout my time I wandered to over nine cities, met endless individuals from various countries around the globe and attended seven Christmas Markets. While I could go on and on about my adventures in China to the Great Wall, Terra-cotta Warriors or talking to the locals, I want to focus on the adaptability of China to ones unique needs and desires.

Shanghai is home to over 25 million citizens. Thus, whatever you are looking for you can find. You will find a plethora of entertainment, both local and global artist, ranges of cuisines (except their Mexican food could use some work) and more stores to purchase gifts and clothes at then you can visit. The trip is 100% customizable to fit your needs. If you want to travel to Tibet, you can. If you want to experience a range of temples, you can! If you want to stuff your face with as many (strange) foods as you can find, you can.

Moving forward I have made plans with my roommate to visit the United States next year, I have applied to jobs throughout China, and am planning a trip for my family to Chengdu to experience the Sichuan Opera and the Sichuan spicy peppercorn. Many of these plans will take many months to complete, so for now I am sharing my experiences with those who are curious and debuting all myths people hold of China.

What would you improve about this program?
On multiple occasions other students from the United States received special treatment. I found the inability of directors and professors to stand up to students complaining about the workload unprofessional. In the future I would remind them that CET is an academic program and these students are young adults preparing for a career, treating them as elementary students is not helpful for their future.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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