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Everyone told me it was going to be hard living in Cairo, but honestly now after 4 months I’m still wondering what they were referring to. It’s been very different, and nothing is as it’s “supposed” to be but everything gets done and sorted anyway, just never in the way you assumed. Which is what makes everyday in Cairo exciting. You never know what’s going to happen.
I live in Zamalek and would definitely recommend to live near downtown and off campus even though the commute is long it’s worth it. When it comes to activities there are a lot of cool clubs on campus but I would recommend to volunteer or join groups or communities outside of campus because AUC is a bobble, it’s an amazing bobble but some times I found my self needing a change of scene.
I study visual journalism and I had a few production courses which were very cool and I learned a lot from them, on the other hand the more academic courses i took weren’t very challenging.
But in the full experience I have definitely enjoyed my semester at AUC, but for me the experience has been more about Egypt and Cairo than my studies, which is all intentional.

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