A Spiritual Journey

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📍 一场心灵之旅 A Spiritual Journey

Last summer, I checked one thing off my ”To-Do List Before 30”. I was teaching at a local middle school in the poverty area of Yunnan, China for a week. It was due to a cruel fact I heard which 95% of children in rural China won’t go to college. Besides that, I believe one should do something meaningful or inspiring to the world during lifetime. 💌

When I finally stood in front of the blackboard, I realized education is not something easy. It is a heavy responsibility that can impact a student’s whole life. 👩🏻🏫

🌟 I’m so grateful for this journey, for friends who went along, and for the students who called me a “teacher.”

There are too many cute pictures and wonderful memories. I hope I’ll get back there soon!!

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