An unforgettable experience which has helped me secure the next step in my career

Growth: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 8
Safety: 8

In October 2018 I began a 2-month internship programme in Shanghai with CRCC Asia. Having just returned from China, I am now looking forward to beginning an internship in January 2019 with a London-based organisation.

My host company in Shanghai was a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which specialises in providing legal advice and expertise to other NGOs, both domestic and international. During the internship, my primary role was conducting research across several different topic areas, including foreign NGO law, social enterprise regulations, disability rights and animal welfare protections. In particular, I carried out research on laws in the UK and US in order to inform comparative legal studies between China and other countries. The internship significantly developed my legal research skills, and also provided me with experience of conducting research in a professional environment. As a result of this experience, I have decided that legal research is an area that I want to work in in the future.

During the internship, I also liaised between my host company and their partner organisations in the UK. I became particularly interested in the work of one London-based partner, A4ID, and have since secured an internship position with this organisation as a result of my experience working with them through my host company. The internship in China has therefore directly helped me reach the next step in my career by providing me with invaluable networking opportunities. My next internship will also involve legal research and I am looking forward to bringing the research skills I learnt during my internship in Shanghai to my new position, and developing these even further.

One particularly memorable part of my internship was a community law event which I attended with a colleague. The purpose of the event was to inform members of the community about the work of the local people’s court. I was interviewed by a local news channel about my thoughts on the event. The interview was broadcast as part of the event’s coverage on the local news channel and their website. Appearing on a Chinese news channel was certainly something I didn’t expect during my internship, but it was an interesting and memorable experience!

I would certainly recommend the CRCC Asia internship programme in Shanghai to graduates looking to broaden their international experience. I have found the internship to be a huge talking point in interviews, and potential employers have been genuinely interested to hear about my experience of working in China. For me, it has been critical in progressing my career and ensuring I reach the next step in pursuit of my professional goals.

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