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The first time I heard about Silk mandarin it was through a friend. My friend in question had another friend who worked there. While the thought of learning chinese attracted me it was not feasible at the time with my schedule. After a while my schedule allowed me enough time to begin my studies and so silk mandarin was my first option after my friends compelling recommendation.

I have now been studying at silk mandarin for over a month. Before enrolling at silk mandarin my chinese level was bare minimum so when I began,at first I had some private lessons to give me the systematic basis I needed to continue ie pinyin. Within month I went from none to hsk one and on then to hsk two. I feel I can now confidently have a basic conversation with a native speaker.

At the moment I am studing hsk two as mentioned before,my teacher Hannah has made learning chinese a breeze with her marvelous explanations and methods. She is very helpful even when it comes down to answering all of my vexing questions. In all honestly I could use a bit of her patience in my daily life. I can not emphasize how brilliant she is.

When I am not at the school I use the magic pen and cards to revise the new vocabulary I have learnt,both the pronounciation and charachters. I can not imagine revision without them they truly are a wonderful and helpful aid especially with all those pesky tones.

Although I have only been at silk mandarin for a short period I could not help but notice that everybody is so close like a small un-orthadox family. They are constantly arranging and running activities for the members and staff that further strenghten relations and although I have yet to make it to an even,t I am sure that there will be many more to come were I can make my appearance.

Silk Mandarin is located in jingan in the SOHO building and super easy to find. The office itself is very cozy, its a bright and uplifting environment aswell as being warm and welcoming. The moment you enter, you are greeted by smiling faces and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Once seated in one of their classrooms you engulfed in a whole new bubble of comfort and security with the freedom to work at your own optimum pace.

Everyone at silk mandarin has been nothing but nice to me from the very begining whether it be the receptionist welcoming you when you enter or the chats between classes with other staff and students while everyone is refueling with coffee. Every one has a mutual understanding and interest in bettering themselves and taking on the task of learning chinese and that has brought them all together under the one roof. Any questions you have will not go unanswered,anytime you need help, someone is there to lend you a hand.

I am thoroughly confident to entrust silk mandarin with my chinese studies and I will continue to recommend them whenever possible as so far, the results have astounded my collegues and I, as well as others around me. Not to brag but yes the results are very positive and I could not have done it alone.

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