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The Intensive 30 Course is with 30 classes per week our most immersive Course. It focuses on acquiring the highest level of Conversational or Business Chinese, at the same time preparing the student to pass the Chinese HSK exam.

Compared to the Intensive 20 Course the Intensive 30 Course allows for two additional afternoon classes per day in which what has been learned in the morning is being practiced in an effective yet fun way in the afternoon. Apart from that, the Intensive 30 course includes a Friday afternoon out of class Activity: we take the students outside where they can practice their Mandarin in the real world. Class size is small with a maximum of 8 students.

  • Full immersion in Chinese language and culture.
  • Full time teachers native to China and bilingual.
  • Slow Motion Technique to teach you Chinese with just one rule.
  • 2 in 1 curriculum to teach you Conversational Chinese and to prepare you to pass the HSK exam.
  • 2 plus 1 to teach you Business Chinese and to prepare you to pass BCT exam.

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This program is ideal for parents who want to give their child a head start at becoming a global citizen by learning Mandarin in China!

We will teach students our innovative Slow Motion Technique, a popular method at our school, which teaches Mandarin with just one rule instead of dozens.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Подготовка к 5 НСК

Translated by Go Overseas:

She completed a month-long preparation course for the fifth NSK at the Silk Mandarin Chinese school in Shanghai. I passed 5 NSC successfully. I was pleased with the result. I really liked that the lesson plan was individually selected for me, based on my wishes and learning goals, which was very important in my case, since I already had a certain knowledge base, and I just needed to fill in the existing gaps and work out weak points, and do not engage in any pattern.
Special thanks to teacher David Wang for the work done.
I also want to note the atmosphere at the school, pleasant, polite staff and clean, cozy classrooms. My rating is five out of five.

Original review:

Прошла месячный курс подготовки к пятому нск в школе китайского в Шанхае Silk Mandarin. Удачно сдала 5 НСК. Осталась довольна результатом. Очень понравилось что для меня индивидуально подобрали план занятий, исходя из моих пожеланий и целей обучения, что было очень важно в моем случае, так как определённая база знаний у меня уже была, и мне нужно было именно заполнить имеющиеся пробелы и отработать слабые моменты, а не заниматься по какому то шаблону.
Отдельное спасибо учителю Девид Ванг за проделанную работу.
Так же хочу отметить атмосферу в школе, приятный, вежливый персонал и чистые уютные классы. Моя оценка пять из пяти.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Learning Chinese Online

If you want to learn Chinese, I think this program is perfect for you!
I wanted to brush up and improve my Chinese abilities. I was introduced to this company through an acquaintance. My classes were conducted online, and this worked perfectly with my schedule. I loved that I can be in the comforts of my home and attend class with qualified teachers that are trained to teach foreigners Chinese. The classes are conducted on the platform called “Classin” and to this day it is the best learning platform that I’ve used.
The staff who registered you with the course will be in charge or will assign someone to check-in and assist with any issues that you might have; they are all super friendly. My teacher Yanqin, has been exceptional, carefully guiding me with my studies. She is not only bubbly but made each lesson comfortable and enjoyable. What I appreciated the most was her adjusting each new learning curve to my study needs. I highly approve of this program!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to the staff at Silk Mandarin.

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Maria Helene
Yes, I recommend this program

Mandarin learning in a friendly, cooperative, and constructive atmosphere

I have started with Chinese language classes in Mid-October 2020. Due to my work schedule, I decided on a one-on-one course.
Silk Mandarin matched me up with my teacher Lexie.

Lexie is a very positive and sociable person. All our classes together are in a friendly, cooperative, and constructive atmosphere.
She is great at motivating – especially when I keep mispronouncing the same words or when grasping some of the more complex Chinese grammar rules isn’t so easy. Lexie proved to be very patient.

I think that having a private teacher is especially helpful with intonation. We have been practicing Chinese tones a lot and I do feel a significant improvement in my understanding of the tones – although there is definitely a long road ahead to master correct pronunciation.

Chinese characters are very fascinating to me; therefore I do enjoy reading and learning how to write them. Admittedly – technological advancements make it particularly easy – but nevertheless, it is great to have a WeChat conversation in Chinese or use online shops.

Finally, I highly appreciate Lexie’s flexibility regarding the scheduling of classes. Several times we had to rearrange the bi-weekly lessons, since my job interfered. It was never a problem.

I am looking forward to continue my Chinese learning experience with her.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The progress I have made with silkmandarin is very outstanding

Having studied with Silk Mandarin for over one month now, I am very satisfied with the progress I have made. The school's teaching method is very structured and focused towards learning fast and efficiently.
My teacher Lexie is excellent, explaining words and contents in a motivating and fun way. I always look forward to attending her classes.
SilkMandarin always has interesting acitvities in weekend, such as debate, open mice that we can really practice Chinese express in Chinese with fun. I'm highly recommend it programme.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Mandarin learning from zero

I started taking classes at Silk Mandarin about 5 months into living in Shanghai and I'm so happy I made the decision to study with them. I had been taking some informal lessons before that and reached more or less HSK 1, but my friend convinced me that if I was serious about learning Chinese I should take actual lessons. It took me about one year to pass HSK 2 and 3, and one more year to pass HSK 4. There's no way I could have learned this much and learned so quickly without my teachers, Christina and Lexie. I've been taking two classes a week with Lexie for the past year and I'm about to start HSK 5 with her now. The school has a great curriculum and provides really helpful resources, like flashcards. I love Lexie's teaching style. We spend a lot of time chatting about our common interests and our personal experiences, which has helped me speak more fluently and become better at understanding how Chinese people actually speak. The lessons have also helped me learn all of the characters I need for HSK. The way the lessons are set up help build on the vocabulary I already know and integrate the new words into the lessons. I feel very confident with my reading skills. Listening can be a bit more difficult, but Lexie has been really helpful for me to work on that specifically. I find the teachers are very attuned to different students' learning styles and willing to adjust for them. I also like the warm atmosphere of the office. Everyone is very friendly and the events Silk holds are very fun.

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Yes, I recommend this program

improvement in 3 months

I started the course with SilkMandarin and teacher Lexie 3 months ago and I can already feel the improvements. My speech became more fluent. Lexie is a fun and very experienced teacher, always prepared and knows her subject. I’m very satisfied with the outcome.
The location of SilkMandarin is in downtown Jing’an in Shanghai, very convenient and very nice classroom. Everyone here is very nice. I also join some of the activities hold by SilkMandarin, it’s always related to Mandarin learning, very helpful for your improvement. Unfortunately because of my work i couldnt join more.

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Yes, I recommend this program

100% satisfied

I started studying at Silk Mandarin for 7 months, starting in mid-June, at the very beginning with HSK1, and am now currently studying HSK5, I have mainly studied the I-30 program, and also the I-20 program for one month.
My teacher Lois, has always been exceptional, carefully guiding me from the beginning of my studies, to now, carefully teaching me vocabulary for the level ahead to make each stage easier and easier. I am incredibly grateful that I have been able to keep the same teacher for all of this time as it has greatly helped speed up my progress. For HSK1, HSK2 and HSK3 level Lois made excellent use of the flash cards and Silk Mandarin talking pen to benefit me, and since starting HSK4 and HSK5 we have been able to use more videos in class, linking to our studies. I have found that my speaking has improved rapidly thanks to my teacher’s first rate techniques. I have always struggled with learning languages before, but thanks to Lois’ guidance and patience I have found learning Chinese a lot more manageable than I expected, I actually find myself a little surprised to be looking forward to each day’s 3 hours of classes. I could not have asked for a better teacher during my time studying at Silk Mandarin, and I plan to keep studying until I complete HSK6.
In my daily life I have found that the extra material covered by my teacher has helped me greatly, with homework tasks that have made excellent use of my opportunities to practice speaking. The whole course is well put together, but it is my teacher, Lois’ extra work and dedication that has really helped me make best use of this opportunity to learn Chinese, for which I am eternally grateful.
The whole school has a nice environment, from Siqin’s friendly greeting, to the whole team together. I have also been fortunate enough to have a couple of classes with Christina, who is also an outstanding teacher. Although I have not had class with Shirely or Hailey I am sure that they are also excellent. An excellent place to study!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Learning Chinese

I have tried alot of different mandarin teachers and schools in the past, but I was really unsatisfied with the way of teaching and found that studying by myself was the best option. Until I tried silk mandarin, I got to try a demo and I noticed a huge difference in the approach of teaching, it was something outside the regular textbooks which was exactly what I was looking for. I have had a few different teachers at Mandarin Silk and I would recommend Lexie, she is the best one so far. She has good energy and makes the classes fun, I have had both private classes and group classes with her and I can say we have had alot of laughs during the classes. She is relaxed and confident in her teaching methods which makes me as student feel like I can trust her and just follow her. Overall thumbs up to Silk Mandarin for fun events and good vibes!

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