TEFLPros 120 Online TEFL Course

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 10
Job Assistance: 10

I just saw this page online. I got curious about so I made a trial for free. I easily got interested about the strategies they made for the studrnts to easily understand the lesson. I like the way they delivered the lesson. Its clear and easy to understand. So, at that point I contacted one of the staff via email and enrolled this program. As I started this program it helps me to be more competent and gain confidence to be a teacher. It gave me some techniques on how to deal with the students especially they have different needs. It's kinda hard to study while working a tough job at the hospital too but with their full support and encouragement I finished this course. I am very happy to be a part of Teflpros family. I hope that one day we can see each other in person and I'm going to say thank you so much for being one of my mentor and a supporter for this course.

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