1 week at the orphanage Galle, Sri Lanka

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I am truly blessed to be able to spend a week with the wonderful orphans here. They teaches us that we people/humans should have more humility, love and happiness. I was mainly taking care of the babies and during lunch hours i’ll play with the older kids. If the kids who are facing such adverse circumstances but come out strong enough to smile through life. Why are most people still complaining their lives are terrible? I urge future volunteers to contibute to the orpahange by buying them gifts and using monetary to give better lives to these orphans. I hope more kids get adopted so they can have a family to grow with.

I came during Christmas period, gave the gifts such as soft toys and stationeries. My host Michael and I asked the matron what the orpahange needs, we ended up getting 3 big exhaust fans for the toilet, main hall and classrooms. Audio player and speakers for the babies/kids to listen to lullaby songs during sleep or play time. The remaining money was given for the maintenance of the fridge/shower heaters/putting up wires and labour for the exhaust fans. A big thank you to some of my friends who contributed to the donations.

Michael is heart warming and his family are friendly as well. I joined the family for midnight Christmas mass and truly is a blessing to witness different culture but yet catholic tradition still stay strong. I’m blessed to be hosted by Michael and family. I caught with eye infection and Michael brought me to the hospital for check up. Simple gesture but a genuine man who has a kind heart and responsible one. With heavy heart, I’m leaving Galle tomorrow morning to backpack for the remaining week before I head back home (Singapore).

This experience is truly unforgettable, meaningful and sentimental. I want to thank the Teachers/caretaker in the orpahange, locals that I have crossed path and also Michael and his family that made my stay here feels like home. It’s my first time volunteering alone overseas, and wouldn’t be the last. May God bless everyone!

With love,
Woan Lin
28 December 2018

What would you improve about this program?
If the Teachers/assistant know English, it’s easier to converse. But the teacher I worked with Kumuduni is wonderful! She knows abit of English and sometimes I use translated so she could understand what I’m saying or asking. Thank you for setting RCDP to help those in need.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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