I'd go back anyday

Academics: 7
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Safety: 8

The staff at IES are so welcoming and supportive. I loved chatting with all of them about my day. My apartment was clean, modern, and a quick walk to everything (though most of Dublin is). I loved getting to know other students and found that the classes were supportive of my time spent outside of the classroom. The best class was Irish Communal Identity because our instructor took us all around Dublin to teach us the history and culture of the city and how it's changing. I highly recommend doing either an internship or a service learning placement. My time at the Rialto Homework Club was the most beneficial part of my semester. I even had a great time exploring around Ireland. Most day trips are accessible by train or a bus service. The only thing I wish I knew was estimated costs for daily things. Be sure to cook at home whenever you can. Going back home was harder than getting on the plane there!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed