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First, I want to say that Silk Mandarin is by far the best school there is to learn Chinese. I have tried many other schools and most recently I tried studying at Jiaotong University. I wasn't happy with all their teaching methods. Specifically with Jiaotong the classes were to big, and there was no feeling of connection with the teachers. My good friend Alex gave me the recommendation to try Silk Mandarin. After the first trial, I was hooked. One thing I love is their use of the flash cards. These are really creative and help me a lot with my reading and vocabulary. The most important thing though is it helps with my grammar. Jessica was my first teacher, and she helped me so much. I needed to start HSK3 intensive course, but I never studied characters before. She used these cards by making me create sentences, and it made the class fun. Again, it wasn't just learning vocabulary and characters. This helped tremendously with my grammar. Jessica is such an enthusiastic and motivated teacher. After all our sessions, I was sad to leave her class. Teaching Chinese is her passion, and you can see that every time you walk into the classroom. David and Marsha are both my teachers now for HSK3. Once I met David, I knew this intensive course was going to be so much fun. David gives off a very welcoming vibe. We joke about each other and share stories. He is also super knowledgeable about characters. He knows anything and everything about radicals and how to help remember these new characters you start to learn. Marsha has been helping me now for a few weeks with extra practice on material learned from the intensive course. She helps me review translations and answers any other questions I have that I missed. The most recent grammar structure I learned was "把“. It didn't sink in totally after the first class, so she grabbed a separate grammar book with multiple examples in English. I then translated these into Chinese, and she continued to help through step by step. Overall the teachers are all professional, patient, and outgoing. They truly care about your learning experience no matter if you are doing part time or full time. It's a family at Silk. I am real happy with my decision studying here, and I suggest to everyone to at least try it for yourself.

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