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This was an amazing experience! I had so much fun, and I learned so much along the way.
All of the organized day time activities were well planned, and gave us a unique opportunity to challenge ourselves and learn about Japanese culture. My favorite activity day was the time we a "culture fare" at the local community center. Japanese traditional dancing, instruments, art and games, all gathered at one place. Experiencing Japan in a nut shell this way was very interesting, and i enjoyed it!
My favorite activity was during one of the last days in session 1. We went to a katana sword smith, and got to learn about the process when making a katana. After learning about the history of the sword, and watching him demonstrate parts of the process, we also got to try holding and using the sword. Holding a 40 000 dollar weapon made me quite nervous. But when i finally got to show the tatami-mat who's boss, I was overwhelmed with joy.
This program is filled with diversity. Last year i traveled with people from over 10 different countries. So in addition to learning about Japan and Japanese culture, I also got to experience many other cultures as well. The participants were fun and friendly people, and i became really close with many of them. The good atmosphere among the travelers also played a part in making it such a great experience.
I cant wait to go again!

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