Dental program review in Palampur, India

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I went to the dental program in Palampur, India on January 2019.
The experience is amazing.
The program was from 4th - 11th of January, each day we drove for half an hour in between the Himalays mountains to reach a village to provide basic dental treatment and dental checkups.
The local coordinators were very helpful, providing us with the dental instruments needed and translating what the patients were saying. The local team was very welcoming and made us feel right at home!
We had enough free time where we explored Palampur, went up the Hiamlayas and took a small hike where it snows, we also visited Mcleogjan the city of buddist monks and we took a walk through the tea gardens and took a tour through the tea factory!
This experience was very beneficial on both academic and personal level. Being in such enviroment helped us maximize our abilities and learn to provide medical care with whatever we have.
Working and treating patients in villages taught us alot on how to manage whateber situation we are put in.
Honestly, this trip was far more beneficial than most hands on workshops I ever did.
I highly encourage anyone who is looking for a life changing experience to sign up for the next mission.

What would you improve about this program?
1- Include one day where the volunteers visit a school to provide dental checkups for children and teach them proper oral hygiene.
2- Try to include one or 2 dental technicians that will be available during the time of the camp to provide dentures for edentulous patients.
3- Invest in portable dental hand peices to be able to drill and fill more carious teeth, so the volunteers are not limited with only hand peices.
4- Invest in flouride vanish to reduce caries in children.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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