World Campus Session II 2017

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Best decision I have ever made! Before World Campus, I had no memories of flying internationally as a child, and I would say that, that was my first time traveling outside the country and also on my own. I applied to World Campus knowing that I have a year left of undergraduate studies and I have always wanted to go to Japan. It was my dream and let me tell you World Campus has given me the best Japan experience I can ever receive. In just three weeks, I had three welcoming and loving Host Families, I traveled to three different prefectures, experienced Japanese culture and tradition in ways I know I wouldn't be able to experience as a tourist. Everyone was welcoming and you will make a lot of friends from all over the world because World Campus full of diverse applicants, that is what makes WCI so great.

AND Guess what? The program fee is reasonable and we did not have to worry about any expenses during the program other than your flight, shopping and gifts for host families. (There's more info on the fees and expenses on WCI website)
I have traveled to Japan as a tourist, although is is fun but before all the fun, booking flights, hotels, pocket wifi/sims, transportation, navigating restaurants, and activities to do are things you have to plan ahead of time. World campus takes care of all the planning and all you have to do is arrive to the airport. How great is that?

Aside of all of that, visiting schools, universities, temples, and festivals, this was everything I have longed of seeing and experiencing. I appreciated everything, everyone and all the opportunity given to us. I wanted to give back to the community by sharing a part of my culture back and thanking each and everyone in the community. Before the program I was told about the Arigatou event, I decided to bring a traditional dress and fans for a performance. I was able to perform a fan dance during the 2nd and 3rd Arigatou event, but the 1st event I was hesitance, as a shy person I was nervous to perform alone. I didn't build the courage until later and again World Campus made my step out my comfort zone only for the best experience, because you will never know until you try. It felt good being able to do something back for your host families and everyone in the community. I would join world Campus again if I had the chance to and I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for the greatest Japan experience ever.

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