Understanding a world other than your own: GIVE volunteers Nicaragua SCUBA program

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It's difficult to put my experience with GIVE into words. I never thought I could learn so much about myself and the ocean in one trip. The staff, the dive shop, the island and the people were so incredible during this experience. You can tell when you are on a give trip that it is about more than just running a volunteer trip but they genuinely take the time to get to know every single volunteer. Reef conservation was amazing. After learning so much about the ocean and it's mysterious ways, we actually got to build an artificial reef! I made so many friends and truly felt like I was making an impact. I have always loved the ocean unconditionally but when I learned how much it needed protection, it made my love even deeper. After my GIVE scuba trip, I not only had my certificate in open water diving but I also had motivations to live more sustainably to help make a positive impact on the oceans and reefs. 10/10 would recommend Scuba diving with GIVE!!!
It is also safe and a good starting point for new divers!

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