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Experience the Caribbean culture of Little Corn Island and immerse yourself in an amazing underwater world while you volunteer Scuba diving abroad in Nicaragua! You’ll get to explore some of the most vibrant coral reefs in the Caribbean that are teeming with sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, stingrays and tropical fish; all while engaging in marine conservation volunteer work. Through GIVE’s SCUBA: Coral Reef Conservation program will get you lifetime PADI certified to dive, the skills and the needed inspiration to continue diving and conserving coral reefs around the world!

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Nicaragua Mainland Volunteering Experience

I went to Nicaragua with GIVE Volunteers during one of their winter trips in January. It was the mainland program so we spent 9 days in Jiquilillo, a small fishing village on the northwest coast of Nica, and then 4 days in Little Corn Island in the Caribbean part of Nica. I cannot speak highly enough about this organization. The guides were so fun, interactive, and knowledgeable on the country and I learned so much from them about being a global citizen, environmentally conscious, and part of Team Human. There was never a dull moment on my trip, and I made friends for life that I still talk to almost every day, one year later. GIVE Volunteers is the best volunteering organization I have worked with, and I’m so excited to be traveling with them again this upcoming May to Thailand and Laos! Don’t think, just do it!!!

What would you improve about this program?
The cost is higher than some other volunteering organizations, but it’s SO worth the money especially if you fundraise part of it!
Yes, I recommend this program
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A journey of a lifetime

This trip not only took me on a journey of enlightenment, but it also led me to my people. I got to connect and network with such genuine, good hearted individuals and that was an absolute blessing. Immersing myself into the community that we visited and appreciating their way of life made a wonderful impact on me and altered my outlook on life. Point blank, my trip changed my life, in the best possible way. With GIVE, you’ll travel the world sustainably while giving back to this beautiful planet, go on exciting adventures and excursions, and meet your people. This not something you will regret partaking in, buy it is something you will regret not doing. Nicaragua is now my home away from home. Spending my days teaching the local children English, and my night in a hammock under the start surrounded by my new family was one of the best things I have ever experienced. Not to mention, sand boarding down an active volcano is pretty gnarly too!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Understanding a world other than your own: GIVE volunteers Nicaragua SCUBA program

It's difficult to put my experience with GIVE into words. I never thought I could learn so much about myself and the ocean in one trip. The staff, the dive shop, the island and the people were so incredible during this experience. You can tell when you are on a give trip that it is about more than just running a volunteer trip but they genuinely take the time to get to know every single volunteer. Reef conservation was amazing. After learning so much about the ocean and it's mysterious ways, we actually got to build an artificial reef! I made so many friends and truly felt like I was making an impact. I have always loved the ocean unconditionally but when I learned how much it needed protection, it made my love even deeper. After my GIVE scuba trip, I not only had my certificate in open water diving but I also had motivations to live more sustainably to help make a positive impact on the oceans and reefs. 10/10 would recommend Scuba diving with GIVE!!!
It is also safe and a good starting point for new divers!

Yes, I recommend this program
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The trip of a lifetime

Everyone that knows me knows how much I was truly impacted by my GIVE trips. After spending a month in SE Asia with GIVE, I immediately came back and signed up for another trip, this time to Nicaragua. Nica was everything I could’ve imagined and more. Our first week was spent in Jiquilillo right on the beach where the staff was so friendly and accommodating (not to mention had the cutest dogs). We spent our days on the worksite mixing concrete for the school kitchen we were helping build with the locals, and spent our evenings releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean while enjoying the most incredible sunsets you have ever seen. The best thing about GIVE is how interconnected the volunteers and the locals are and how conscious they are about what the community needs and empowering them to achieve their highest success. We then traveled from Jiquilillo to Little Corn Island where we were offered the chance to learn how to scuba dive, learn about climate change through first hand experiences, and help teach kids in the reading room. To this day Little Corn Island is one of my most favorite places I have ever traveled to, and I am positive my experience would not have been the same had I not gone with GIVE. I met so many amazing people on my trips, from my guides, to the locals, to my fellow volunteers, who have become life long friends. I can’t recommend this trip and GIVE enough!

Yes, I recommend this program
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An amazing experience well worth your time

It might sound corny to say that my time with GIVE has changed my life, but it truly has. GIVE is always very conscious of the needs and desires of the community that they are working in. During my time in Nicaragua, we traveled to Jiquilillo where we helped a nearby local community to construct a kitchen for their local school. During the day we would travel to the construction site where we would mix and pour concrete all while laughing along with the locals. In the evenings we would work alongside a local sea turtle hatchery to release baby sea turtles into the ocean and help give them the best chance. After our time in Jiquilillo, we traveled to Little Corn Island where those participating in the Scuba program would remain for the next few weeks. While I didn't participate in the Scuba program, my time on Little Corn was magical, spending the days learning about environmental threats to the island and helping to teach in Ms. Wendy's Reading Room.

Traveling with GIVE is unlike anything else. It's a truly immersive experience where you learn about other people's ways of life and connect with them. It's opened my eyes to the lifestyles of people far different from myself. Traveling this way has given me many lessons I will carry for the rest of my life and too many great new friends to count! Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity like this, it will change your life.

Yes, I recommend this program

Nica 2014

This was my first trip with GIVE as well as my first trip outside of the United States. At first, I was a little cautious about traveling by myself, but the minute I landed, met the other volunteers and guides, I felt at home. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, I never got homesick. I will say, I was originally intrigued by this trip with the desire to sandboard down a volcano, but that was just a bonus from what I took away from the entire trip.

We had the chance to help out with their first project, the bottle school in Jiquilillo. I then traveled to Little Corn Island where I spent the next couple weeks with the SCUBA program. Although, I did not participate in scuba diving, I worked on a project with GIVE, portraying the collection of data from past groups, to visually represent the work the past GIVE volunteers have done. You could actually see the growth of the marine life around the corals and reefs. Truly gratifying to be a part of this organization. (Spoiler: it inspired me to go on another GIVE trip.) This trip really allowed me to step out of my comfort zone.

Yes, I recommend this program


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