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KCP is not only an immersive Japanese language program, it is incredible teachers, unlimited support, opportunity, and lasting relationships that span beyond just the school time. For me, KCP gave me the opportunity to live in Japan and really choose if Japan was really where I wanted to be in the future and if Japanese was really one of the languages I would choose to pave that future. I lived in an apartment/dorm for three months and every morning went to the station pretty easily to get to school. School was a blast, I made so many friends in and outside of class and the lessons were more beneficial than any program or class I’ve ever seen personally in America.
Every lesson, and as a matter of fact in the whole school, you are only to speak Japanese. That alone helped more than I realized at first but instantly was grateful towards it helping my comprehension and speaking skills. Most every weekend, there were culture excursions that taught me more about Japanese culture, society, and history. Learning a language is not only about the language but about the society it comes from and KCP gives that opportunity to every student besides being able to live there in general and explore for yourself.
The work was challenging and definitely showed me where I need to improve to become fluent in Japanese as well and ALWAYS the teachers and staff were so eager to help. Even during our first school trip out to the park for a BBQ, everyone was so helpful and being shy wasn’t a problem at all. It actually gave me more reason to push myself so that I could make the memories I have today and will forever hold with me. I’m so grateful to KCP, so grateful for everyone I met and who helped me along the way, I’m excited to go back and actually live in Japan after I earn my bachelor’s degree.
Anyone who wants to learn Japanese honestly, you wil not regret KCP and what it can teach and give to you for life.

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe more culture excursions. Other than that, everything was already given to you and self-experience is up to you.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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