A valuable, fun, and eye-opening first internship!

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My experience at EcoSwell was truly incredible. I learned so much, met some amazing people, and was able to experience a completely new and unfamiliar place and culture. The sense of community in the organization was strong; we all lived in the same EcoHouse so everyone was always working together and having interesting and eye-opening conversations. The Directors were almost always available to discuss any questions about projects or tell stories about EcoSwell's past or teach us about the community and culture of Lobitos and Peru in general. I never felt unsafe; the Lobitos community is extremely friendly and the Directors know many people in the community that I got to meet and interact with. I led my own project to build a solar still, and learned a lot about how to effectively lead a hands-on project, create realistic goals and expectations, and crowdfund! Interning for EcoSwell is truly an immersive experience; I would recommend it to anyone who is adventurous, wants to become more mindful of their environmental footprint, and work with an incredible, lively, and hard-working team to help the community of Lobitos become more eco-conscious while bettering their quality of life.

What would you improve about this program?
EcoSwell is a young NGO that's still working on figuring out their structure and system. As they continue to grow and recieve volunteers and interns from around the world their ambitious projects will continue to grow and the system will become smoother. However because EcoSwell is still small, volunteers have direct access to the cofounders who are very open to any ideas and constructive feedback to improve the EcoExperience!
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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