An authentic intense experience in Peru

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This 6-weeks volunteering experience in Padre Cocha remain like a dream, a wonderful sharing moment for me.
I was a teacher assistant at a Kindergarden, with a three-years-old children. This experience to teach to little kids was very interesting bécause of the difference of culture I discovered there. The éducation of the children at thé Kindergarden is really different from a "common" Kindergarden. Of course, children always lived in the jungle, and act sometimes like if they were at home. What's more, the teachers, because of peruvian laws, are not allowed to scream or punish the kids. So it was challenging to fine another way to make them obey. ( Sometimes some sweets were enough ahaha)
Anyway, it was sooo nice to take care of them as well as teach them. After some time, they have confidence in you, they listen to you, they want to tell you their family memories and laugh with you, and show affection and respect. I really fell in love with them, their so-cute smiling faces.
The teacher I was with called Teresa was fabulous ! The best teacher for little kinds, skilled, sensible, affective, and involved. Great moments with her !!
Outside the school, I lived four weeks in the backpacker sunrise of the association. Prepare to spend time alone, you are not " part of a family" but definitely a guest. I recommend you to spend time with Louisa, a very interesting and honest person !
The two last weeks living in a family of artisans were the best of my volunteering, far ever. Time share with my family speaking, telling stories, eating all together for the morning and the lunch, chilling in the hammac, just being together.
It was so intense!!!!!!!!
I felt deeply lucky to have expérienced this with these people. I will never forget how wonderful was the family, how much you feel welcomed and integrated.
And honestly, having experience in the jungle, disconnecting with others and before all the mobile phone IS SO GREAT !!! Thats allows you to créateur deeper Links with everyone. So special people !
I miss the nature, thé forest, as well as people.

I definitely recommend this experience to everybody !!!!

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My 3-years-old darlings
My 3-years-old darlings