Learn Chinese Language and do Volunteer

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As Chinese born at Indonesian, I really ashamed because I couldn't speak Chinese. I have 2 reasons why I choose Tzu Chi Language Center and Humanism at Hualien for studying Chinese Language.
First because of the beautifulness of Hualien ( near mountain and beach), it makes this place the best place for relaxing mind and refreshing our lung.
Second is Tzu Chi Language Center not so many Indonesian people. So I have better chance for speaking Chinese Language. I can say, right now my Chinese Language is better than my English.
The other reason I choose Tzu Chi Language Center and Humanism because I can do volunteer when they have activities and also at Tzu Chi Foundation in JingSi Hall and JingSi Abode.
Every month at Tzu Chi Language Center has program for us learning Chinese culture with Humanism style so that makes it different with others language center.
Doing volunteer activities at Tzu Chi Foundation also help me to know more about compassion and charity.
So for those who want or still studying at Tzu Chi Language Center, you can use your a little bit free time for doing volunteer activities and you will feel awesome

What would you improve about this program?
Promote it on social Media about language center activities and be different with others like make volunteer activities
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Yes, I would
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