Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University: Learn Mandarin in Taiwan
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Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University: Learn Mandarin in Taiwan

Here's what you can expect from taking Chinese language courses with us!

-Improve you listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in small-sized classes
-Obtain a better understanding of Taiwanese culture through various extracurricular programs, including festival activities, volunteer opportunities, indigenous tribal tours and traditional culture field experiences
-Immerse yourself in the life-world of the locals and broaden horizons through interacting with people from diverse backgrounds

Our classes range from beginner levels to advanced, there is something for everyone! Visit our site for more information.

  • Small-sized classes to facilitate more interaction
  • Free cultural and festival activities
  • Three hours of class a day for optimal learning
  • Indigenous tribal tours and field experiences
  • Volunteer programs and opportunities
Weekly Classroom Hours
Weeks Min.
Weeks Max
Price Details
1. New Student Application Fee: 500 NTD (approximately 16 USD, may vary depending on foreign currency exchange rates)
2. Administrative Fee(Group Accident Insurance Included): 600 NTD (approximately 20 USD, may vary depending on foreign currency exchange rates)
3. Tuition:
(1) Individual class: 500 NTD/hr
(2) Group class: 30,000~36,000 NTD (approximately 1080 USD, may vary depending on foreign currency exchange rates)
Students who apply for a subsequent regular course will receive a 10% discount on tuition.
4. Vegetarian meals provided on campus. Meals include all-you-can-eat-buffet and student cafeteria. Prices range from 2 USD to 3 USD.

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  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 8
  • Value 9
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My Tzu Chi Experience

I attended the Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University for about 18 months. I arrived in Taiwan with no previous knowledge of Mandarin. The staff was very helpful in tailoring my studies to fit my learning habits. During my time at Tzu Chi I took both individual and group classes, each of which provided their own distinct advantages. I enjoyed the diversity of my group classes, meeting classmates from all over Asia, Europe, and North America. Several of which I still remain in contact with.

During my time studying at Tzu Chi I became very sick and had to have my gall-bladder removed. The staff and my teacher were amazing in helping me though this ordeal. They visited me in the hospital and were accommodating as I tried to catch-up on my studies. I could tell that they cared for me not only as a student but as a person.

Tzu Chi University is located in Hualien, Taiwan, which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The city is located on the east coast of Taiwan and is in-between the ocean and the mountains. What I also enjoyed about studying at Tzu Chi is that Hualien is a more relaxed city than the larger cities of Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. The campus itself has large wide open green spaces, which can be somewhat hard to find within Taiwan cities. It has a very peaceful atmosphere.

As, I write this I am still living in Taiwan and work for a Taiwanese non-profit that operates predominately in Mandarin.

How can this program be improved?

Provide an option of housing for families with children.

Yes, I recommend
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A great place to study.

The language course offered here is great. It's a very peaceful place with mountains and the ocean nearby. For me it was an ideal place to focus and study the language. Living in the dormitory gave me an opportunity to practice speaking Chinese every day and meet new friends from all over the world.

Before taking this language course, I had very basic Chinese but holding conversations was difficult. After taking the course I felt my Chinese improved a lot, I can hold conversations with people and understand a lot more.The teachers and staff are very friendly and supportive. During the course there are a lot of cultural activities and opportunities to volunteer.Taking part in these activities will also help you improve your Chinese. I would highly recommend studying here.

How can this program be improved?

If worksheets based on Youtube videos that related to the topics taught in the textbooks were prepared as supplementary . I think it would help reinforce the content taught in class. However the student can also research this in their own time.

Yes, I recommend
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Intense Learning

I studied for two terms at Tzu Chi’s Chinese Language Centre. A few weeks before the end of the second term I took the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL). I achieved Level 2, with a score of 61/80 (76%) and 62/80 (77%) in listening and reading, respectively. As is to be expected when learning a new language, my listening comprehension skills are better than my speaking skills. Upon completion of the second term I was able to hold short, simple conversations.

My experience was that the teachers were incredibly kind, dedicated, enthusiastic, encouraging, and helpful. They created learning materials to supplement the textbook. They willingly answered questions during and after class, and during breaks, and were open to suggestions and special requests.

There were several hours of homework each day. Much of this involved learning to write and read characters. Writing assignments focused on learning new vocabulary, language patterns and grammatical structures.

I felt that the language patterns were not always adequately explained in terms of broader grammatical structures. To remedy this, I studied grammar books and online resources to supplement the classroom instruction.

In my opinion there is not enough emphasis on speaking and pronunciation. The program does not use a communicative approach to language instruction. Very little class time is spent on controlled practice of new language patterns.

I did not live in the dormitory. There were only a few events to promote socializing and networking. I enjoyed the special cultural events, especially the tea ceremony. Most of the students were from other countries in Asia.

Hualien is a pleasant city that is accessible and easy to navigate, but it is best to have a bicycle or a motor scooter, since there is no public transportation within the city. Second hand bicycles are inexpensive, and a small shop near the campus will buy it back when you leave.

The Language Centre is at Tzu Chi’s Humanities and Social Science campus, on the western edge of Hualien City. It is small, pleasant campus in a garden-like setting. The classrooms are air-conditioned. There is a good library with English language newspapers, comfortable study areas, computers with internet access, and a solid collection of English language books. The library staff are helpful but speak minimal English. There are good sports facilities and a comfortable student lounge, with interesting cultural exhibits.

I enjoyed my time at Tzu Chi, believe I made some solid progress in learning Mandarin, and am considering returning for another term.

How can this program be improved?

More attention to speaking.

Yes, I recommend
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Warm, generous, and responsive teachers and support staff

I attended a seven-week short course and also spent an additional ten weeks with an individual tutor for two hours each day. The class size is small (five to six students) and the breaks are well-timed (roughly every hour). Each class period is a mix of listening, speaking, reading, and writing practice, with opportunities to interact with classmates as well as the highly energetic teaching staff. The tutoring allows for more individualized vocabulary development and grammatical practice. The center also offers additional cultural activities such as calligraphy, stampcarving, cooking, and bookmaking, as well as cultural fieldtrips for an additional, reasonable fee. The dorms are very basic, with four beds to a room sharing a bathroom, midnight curfew, and a cafeteria for those who would rather not walk ten minutes to a street full of food vendors.

How can this program be improved?

I continue to study at this center and find the staff very open to improving based on feedback.

Yes, I recommend

About Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University

Motivated to learn Mandarin, but tired of large cities? Come to Hualien, a place with clean air, friendly people, diverse culture and picturesque natural scenery. We are located near the foothills of the majestic Zhongyang Mountains, close to the...