Wonderful International English

Benefits: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Facilities: 9
Safety: 10

I have just about completed my year here at Wonderful International English, Songjiang, Shanghai, and so far I have highly enjoyed my experience both living in Shanghai and working for this company.

Having worked for a year after graduating University in the UK, I was ready for a challenge & after some research had my sights set on Shanghai.

I felt that communication with this School was quick and responsive. From finishing my application, I was swiftly offered a Skype interview with another Foreign teacher. At all points of contact with the staff I spoke to, I was put at ease that this was a professional company. Any problems or issues with the move were dealt with promptly and effectively - this also stopped any worries or concerns my family had about such a big move (that they felt I perhaps had overlooked).

I was greeted at the airport by a staff member and taken for lunch and then to my hotel. The following days, while I settled in to life in my new country, I was taken to complete various tasks (purchasing a sim-card, registering at the Police Station, looking at different apartments & to the supermarket to purchase some essentials). All the while, slowly being eased into working life here. This support was much appreciated while dealing with jet-lag. It must be said, that this support continues once you have settled in too, with staff here being happy to help you with any problems or issues you might face (including Doctors trips).

Now, living in Shanghai, I have decided to extend my contract by another year due to my happiness working for this company and living in this fantastic & cosmopolitan city.

In terms of work, I have taught various age groups (from around age 10 - adult) and various levels of understanding (beginner 1 - expert) - in a language centre setting. Also, I have taught at Public Schools (middle school - High School). I really enjoy this diverse working schedule, it means that you're not tirelessly repeating yourself day after day. Also, with regards to any personal teaching preferences you may have, Wonderful listens to these before assigning you to your classes. I currently teach a mix of adult classes and public school classes.

In terms of living in Shanghai. Most teachers live in Songjiang District, a suburban district of the city of Shanghai. This is a historic district, with lovely parks and a beautiful Botanical Garden. It is conveniently situated on 'Line 9' of the metro system, meaning that in about 45-50 minutes you can be transported to the buzzing CBD of Shanghai. I personally find that living in Songjiang is the happy medium between green space and big city life.

Overall, I would highly recommend Wonderful to anybody who is interested in moving to China to teach English!

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