Smart Trip makes traveling a breeze

Value: 5
Fun: 5
Staff: 5
Safety: 5
Organization: 5

Smart Trip makes traveling Europe fun, easy, and affordable. The staff is incredibly friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They hook you up with the best amenities and activities while traveling, making everything stress-free while giving you more than enough freedom to see and do whatever you like.

First: the planning. Everything was planned and executed perfectly - the travel and lodging were super easy, the bus and the hostels were all great quality. They had a great balance between structure and freedom; All activities were optional and mostly free; but ALL of them were well worth it. They take you to see and do everything you could possibly want wherever you travel - and then give you the freedom to do more.

Next: the staff. These folks were amazingly helpful. They were young, but surprisingly knowledgeable regarding directions, things to do, and even the history behind cities/destinations that I traveled to. They were also super friendly and I even kept in touch with some of them - more often than not, actually.

I STRONGLY recommend traveling with Smart Trip, not only are they cheaper than their competitors, but their amenities are better, their activities are better, and their tour guides are friendlier and more organized.

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