An Experienced Teacher Learns to Teach Languages

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Vantage is a place that I highly recommend anyone who would like to teach professionally in Thailand or abroad. These guys will make you a highly successful teacher.

I had previous teaching experience as I taught children in for almost five years, but outside my college education, I never had proper training in teaching a language. Teaching is what I love and, admittedly, I knew that I still lacked the specific skills for teaching English as a second language.

We had very engaging class sessions—our group soon become very close—as we went through the course book. But the book is just a base. The course not a series of lectures, but its developed workshop style so there’s a lot of discussion. This was particularly valuable as the trainers have decades worth of experience so they can really add a lot of insight and extra knowledge that the course book doesn’t cover. The experience is a kind of interactive classroom environment where you feel free to ask anything without being shy of making silly mistakes

We covered a lot of ground in Vantage’s TEFL course, but its engaging nature keeps it fun and in check. Just don’t expect to have a lot of free time when taking this course. But you’ll come out as a highly successful teacher.

Taking the TEFL Course really took me to a whole new level in the teaching line and I believe I was at the right place just at the right time.

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