The best time ever!!

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I would never have experienced some of the things I have done without going on this tour with true travels! Everything that was included was fantastic!
Mickey and Arthur are true assests to the company, their personalities bringing every moment to life! They couldn’t do enough for us and even when the tour finished they were at hand to help if we needed!
My experience of Thailand has been fantastic and I will definitely be recommending Trutravels to friends and family!
There was a great mix of experiences, Hikes to view points, chill time, snorkelling and boat parties! It was great that Mickey and Arthur joined us on nights out too! Also that we got to experience Bangkok and patong as well as the fantastic islands with their beautiful views! It was great that we were giving an option for cerythibg, although I don’t know why you would want to not to what was planned as all activities were fab!
Thank you for such a great time and to Mickey and Arthur xxx

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing I would say to improve is that when arriving at Bangkok airport it was early hours of the morning and can be intimidating! When met by true travels we were just bundled in a car that had no signs on and so was a little frightening trusting this! However, this car got me to the hotel and was a carry safe journey, just intimidating when in the dark!
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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