14 Day Thailand Island Hopper

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A box-ticking trip! See the best of the east and west coast islands as we take you on an epic 14-Day island hopping adventure. You will discover all the highlights and hidden gems this country has to offer as we start off in Bangkok and head south via Khao Sok National Park to Koh Phangan. You will have the choice to tailor make your adventure on Koh Tao before switching to the west coast islands. A great way to spend two weeks in this awesome country and an awesome extension of our 8 Day Thailand Experience.

  • Khao Sok floating bungalows
  • Phi Phi Island & Monkey beach
  • Koh Phangan beaches
  • Snorkeling in Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan
  • Phuket nightlife

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  • Value 9.7
  • Fun 9.5
  • Staff 9.7
  • Safety 9.7
  • Organization 9.2
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18 Days Ultimate Thailand experience

The Trip was increrible, i love every moment and every space of thailand, the both tour guides was such a good guys and i love them and the crew, the idea of visit every island and space in thailand was good, a bit exausting but at the end its worth, there is somethings u need to improve i will say in the next question, but at a overall review i will recommend this trip to everyone who wnats to go to thailand, cause if i did this trip alone i know i would visit at maxium half of the things i visit with the tour. The thing i liked most was the national park at the bangaloos, this was a unique experience i loved it and in my opinion they sould put more days in that place. Other place in 2nd place is the phiphi island, in my opinion we should be more days there and try to be there on the weekend, to get the best parties and activites :). and in 3rd place is bangkok, without the heat there place is, the night life there is really really crazy and in my opinion too we should spend at least one more night exploring the night life in there.

How can this program be improved?
So there is one thing that makes me stressed in the trip was the thing that we need to travel many many times, I know that we need to do that if we want to visit every place, but at least try to put in good travels boats, good vans and that things, even if this cost a little more than the original price. Try to find maybe visit the same places but different schedules, and then u can put a flight in this trip making the travels less exausting. Thats it, without that everything was perfect, nothing to complain about. Cheers from brazil and i will miss alot this trip and the tour guys, both increrible persons :).
Yes, I recommend this program

Thailand 14 day island hopper

A very memorable experience. We saw all the beauty of Thailand and tasted all the delicious food this country has to offer. I have no words to describe Gogi and Darrin. Two of the most lively, enthused and energetic boys I have ever met. They made me feel very comfortable and safe from our initial meeting and I truly believe I have made friends for life. Love you guys

Yes, I recommend this program
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Thailand 2018

Had the most AMAZING time with Gogi and Darrin. The island hopper was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The places we were taken to, we would of probably never got to see if we didn’t book with TruTravels. Love that we get to stay in the weirdest, yet amazing places whilst on the tour. Some of the places we have been, friends and family can’t veleive they are real! (Even I had to pinch myself sometimes!) Gogi and Darrin were soo fun and genuinely cared about making our experiences great! They were always up for anything, and made every single person in the group feel like they belonged to the family we were! Met the best people and 100% some friends for life. Already beginning to plan my next trips. Had the best time ever.......... 😂❤️ ❤️

Yes, I recommend this program

18 day island hopper

The tour was definitely a good way to get a great taste of Thailand.
I thoroughly enjoyed having Gogi & Darrin as our leaders. Though I felt as if some people had to be baby sat by them which was frustrating for the rest of the group but that’s all part of travelling with a multitude of ages.
The activities I enjoyed the most (that should definitely be added) is the elephant sanctuary in Phuket! Amazing experience and I wish it was added in- with the extra costs of course.

Bangkok - the Indian restaurant was crap and honestly shouldn’t have gone there. First night together and we eat Indian in Thailand .... the owners were very fun though.

The National Park- AMAZING. Honestly one of the highlights for me of this entire trip. Absolutely stunning and so nice to be so secluded.

Bottle beach- super great bonding with the group. Many drinks were poured as we played game after game, beautiful surrounding and basically the entire beach to ourselves, great!

The boat trip in Koh Phangan was 10/10! Gogi was a real hero jumping on to see if there were any jelly fish that would sting us.
Was a super good day and the crew on the boat were amazing, food was great, slide was a huge plus.

Darrin was great with banter and at the beginning him and Gogi worked really well together- just not confident to say that continued the entire trip.

Overall, this was an amazing experience and I’ve had heaps of people asking me questions about the tour and the 50 million questions about activities that came with that also.

How can this program be improved?
Less focus on getting drunk every night and focus more on day trips & the history of Thailand. That’s what I thought we were getting was the action & adventure. Not having to see everyone hung over every morning.
Yes, I recommend this program

14 day island hopper

There’s isn’t much to fault with this trip- including tour leaders, organisation, safety from destination to destination and all the rest.

Bottle beach was an unreal night - watching the locals give a fire show for us tourists and then carying on into the night with the crew.

Koh Tao was another favourite - the pub crawl is something to be apart of, people from all over the place getting together on a 5 bar pub crawl throughout the town.

Phi phi islands again with an unreal experience - although the hotel selected has no pool, you are only literally a 2 minute walk from the beach. The culture and night life there is something else! The activities at phi phi where unreal also.

Overall it is an unreal experience, would highly recommend to anyone who is after a bit of a loose but at the same relaxing holiday.

Yes, I recommend this program

Good review

Was nice enjoyed it had a really fun time tour guides were fun loved the activities weather was nice I enjoyed bottle beach the most loved the fire show could go to more places for vegetarians though as good was proper meaty but overall really enjoyed the time also the rest of my group was really nice Was nice enjoyed it had a really fun time tour guides were fun loved the activities weather was nice I enjoyed bottle beach the most loved the fire show could go to more places for vegetarians though as good was proper meaty but overall really enjoyed the time also the rest of my group was really nice not writing anymore should make 750 words a minimum I feel like I’m writing an essay not a review people are not going to want to complete this form if they have to write this many characters

How can this program be improved?
Could go to more vegetarian places to eat rather then just meat places all the time maybe consider other things people’s dietary needs
Yes, I recommend this program

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