I had a fantastic time in London!

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This program truly goes above and beyond. It exceeded my expectations in so many wonderful ways. We got to go on excursions all over the UK, seeing everything from castles to Scottish countryside to cast footprints that are copies of actual prints left behind by when dinosaurs roamed Britain. We learned about Shakespeare and got to see many of his plays. We even got to stand on stage at the Globe! We learned about British politics and got to attend political gatherings both in London and Edinburgh. We walked in the footsteps of many great writers, including Mary Wollstonecraft and Virginia Woolf. You get a little bit of everything in this program, and it all combines to create a truly amazing, memorable experience.

I also did an internship while I was in London. Doing an internship was an excellent way to meet British folks and get to know British culture. You get the opportunity to learn a lot about a field you are interested in and make connections that will last for years to come. I recommend doing an internship because you get to meet great people and see another side to British culture that you just don't get inside the classroom.

Overall, this program was amazing. I highly recommend it!

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing I would improve is possibly the timing of outings. Sometimes we wouldn't get back from plays until after midnight, and it sometimes felt weird to be walking back in the dark on empty streets.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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