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Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who wanted to have an impact on kids and travel in a meaningful way as well as being welcomed with open arms by incredible host families... I could not even begin to explain how much of a positive impact that this wholesome experience had on me!!!! IT WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Doing something like this teaches you about people. It reminds you that time means nothing with regards to how close you can get to someone. It shows you that even with a language barrier, communication can exist and that you can still form a connection with another person.

Overall, it was incredible to have people make you feel so at home wherever you are. As an example, since we were located in very small villages and towns, tourists were nowhere to be found. Therefore, people were so excited to meet me wherever I went and to learn about my life in Canada and who I was as a person. These strangers went miles out of their way to ensure I felt safe, comfortable and was happy being there. I’m so thankful for all of these individuals who have become family in such a short time frame. Plus, the teachers were so lovely and we all shared so many beautiful memories together. I recently went to California for a reunion with some of the people that I met... it's only been 6 months til we seen each other last aha!

I shed so many tears while here because I was so grateful and happy. The world feels a bit smaller and just brought me so much joy to share parts of my life with people across the world from where I live and for them to do the same with me. Gosh, and everyone’s food was so INCREDIBLE! Another thing to be so thankful for!

I highly recommend this experience to anyone who has an open mind and an adventurous spirit!

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