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This program opened so many doors for me. I had been teaching in Saigon for a year but I couldn't get an interview with any of the top schools in the city without a TESOL certificate. I had an online course but places like British Council wouldn't accept it. Right after I completed it I had the chance to work for universities and the best language centers in the city

This course also taught me so much about being a teacher. The online course I had done really didn't prepare me to be in the classroom. To be honest, I'm ashamed of the quality of my teaching from before the course. Thanks to the help and coaching I got from Mrs. Diem and their team of tutors, I became a much more confident teacher and i saw an immediate improvement in results from my classroom.

13 years later I am the one doing the hiring and if someone comes to me for work without a certificate I send them to TEFL International

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