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I really enjoyed how emersive the Vietnam-leg of our study tour was. The buddies were a great bunch of people who went above and beyond to make our time in Vietnam so special. Ngan was especially great, and organised the relatively crazy group very well. I enjoyed all the dinners and party's we had, from the welcome dinner to the year-end party, as well as the networking night and the farewell dinner. These events were organised so well and were particularly good for meeting new people and making different friends even within our own study group. It was also great to see the buddies come along to our industry visits and often translating for us at lunch or even in the factories.
We had excellent days held by the buddies, where they took us on an amazing-race type tour of Ho Chi Minh city, where we saw local sights and museums.
My favourite parts of the tour was the trips to the tunnels from the Vietnam war and the trip to the primary school for the volunteering day. At the tunnels, it was very interesting to experience a small taste of the area and nature of warfare for the Viet Cong and to crawl through the tunnels like in the war.
The kids at the primary school were very welcoming and treated us like rockstars! By far the most fun and humbling experience of my life. It was amazing to see how to people of different ages, from different cultures and who spoke different languages could communicate through drawings, actions and soccer. Hope that more people can experience the welcoming nature of the Vietnamese children.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Being an Australian student, I have been kept in my work/study/social/family bubble without a great deal of risks involved in everyday life. Going to Vietnam I would suggest to any future students to get to know the local buddies as well as you can, as they will completely emerse you in the culture and get you out of your protected day-to-day bubble to fully experience the culture and lifestyle of Vietnamese people.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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Me and Morgan