Vietnam South

Value: 8
Fun: 8
Staff: 9
Safety: 9
Organization: 9

This is my second tour with Tru Travel. My guide (pinky) was great. She shared a lot of info about history of Vietnam, where to go, and kept the trip very organized. I only did 10 days with Tru Travel (just south of Vietnam) but pinky was very helpful with booking my trips on Hoi An and Hue after I left the trip. All staff of Tru Travel are great. You don’t get a lot of meals included in this trip, but for the money you are paying this ok. Overall the accommodations were good. The 10 days went very fast, which is sure sign that it must have been fun! If you are fan of beach, party and chill time you’ll love beach Ninhvana! My favorite stop was Hoi An (last stop for south tour). Great food, nightlife and instagram moments. And amazing city!

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