Instruction: 9
Support: 9
Value: 9
Academic Rigor: 9
Job Assistance: 9

TEFL helped me understand that teaching is a 360 degree skill, especially ESL.
You need to be energetic / humorous / smart / confident / alert.
You need to adapt working with difference country men.
This experience really gives a kick out of your comfort zone.
I liked and enjoyed it.

The real time teaching experience was really something that one needs. The peer teaching and feed back is a good technique. I got a feeling of how classes in Thailand would be if i were to get a job and teach. I have points of improvement i could work on.

The training on multiple intelligence was an eyeopener, some matched almost.
Peks training was encouraging.
Chris and Pek gave informative sessions.

I feel some part of me has grown up. Hope to sustain.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed