TEFLPros isn't like other courses!

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This was exactly what I was looking for! :) I plan to teach online to make some extra cash. Most companies require a TEFL certification now, at least all the ones I was looking at. A lot of people suggested that I just get a cheap thing on Groupon or something but I actually want to learn how to teach properly and those courses are absolute junk, I can't even believe they qualify! The thing that was great about TEFLPros is that they are no BS (excuse my language). They respond almost instantly to all my questions and gave me straightforward answers when I was choosing a course. Trying to choose a course was so overwhelming but TEFLPros made things EASY. I enjoyed the course; it was engaging and really practical. I may not use everything I learned in my online teaching but that's ok, a little extra knowledge won't hurt! Thanks TEFLPros for making this such a great experience!

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