Lots of Fun but not value for money...

Value: 3
Fun: 9
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 7

Okay, so speaking as a person who has solo-travelled themselves in the past, the amount of money spent on this trip could have easily lasted 2/3 weeks longer than it did if I had organised if myself. There are also a lot of travel and chill days which are set out in the itinerary which takes a lot of time away from the tour itself. The only upside was the people we met and our tour guides. We had a great time with our group and our tour guide Darrin was always with us telling us things that we could do and see locally that might be of interest. If we didn't want to do something we just told him and he'd take us somewhere else or plan something else for us. Even though Darrin was just training to be a tour guide it is very clear that he will be an amazing tour guide when he starts them by himself. He likes to party hard and he loves to work hard too, which I personally think is the best balance you can get for a tour guide.

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