My time in Gothenburg

Growth: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 5
Housing: 3
Safety: 10

Overall my experience being a student of Greenheart travel was a good one. I originally chose them because people were so helpful and kind as I went through the many steps to start my journey. They were always there to answer emails, assure my parents and answer questions we had.
Although, there where some less than positive experiences as well. I was placed in a family where not all members of the family wanted a student in their house, and the family rules seemed to change and get stricter over time. In the end after months of disagreement and at least one meeting with a local coordinator trying to resolve things, I actually got moved to another family after being kicked out. It wasn’t entirely the family’s fault at all, there where situations I handled incorrectly. But in the end when I received a letter of probation for exploring farther than I was supposed they also included completely untrue statements not related to what I did wrong. I feel they greatly misrepresented me, which really hurt.
A solution was found and I was placed in a welcoming, wonderful family that completely changed my experience for the better.
I wouldn't go one way or the other to recommend or not recommend. I would say do your research on multiple programs. The best way being to look at a reviews. See what people say about the rules and the family they where placed with to make a decision.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed